B5 Originals - Black

Our most popular range, The Originals, look, feel and write like traditional leather journals, but are designed to last a lifetime. 
  • Elegant Simplicity - Inspired by Japanese design philosophy Kanso, Aum Journals do precisely what they are meant to, without over elaboration or clutter.
  • Natural Leather Softcover - Made from natural style faux leather, the Originals are soft to the touch, have wonderful depth of colour and at 650 grams, feel pleasantly weighty.
  • Refillable Pocket - Our simple refill pocket design is unnoticeable during day to day use, but allows you to simply refill rather than replace the journal when full.
  • Spacious B5 Pages (18x24cm) - The perfect journaling size, B5 Originals have 208 pages of Ruled, FSC certified, 100gsm thick, Ivory tinted writing paper.
  • Savable Refills - Perfectly fitted and designed to be saved, Aum refills have neat black covers and dateable spines for storage & reflection.
 Journals for the Journey
Journals seem to take on added power as they age. They become part of the journaling ritual and slowly accumulate associative meaning, until eventually, their presence alone begins to help trigger the journaling mind state. Aum journals are designed to last forever to take advantage of this; the longer you have them, the more powerful they become.


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