Aum Journals

Like countless ideas before it, Aum Journals was imagined and created through a journal. So naturally, from an idea created through its creation, everything about Aum Journals is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the journaling ritual.

Aum, is the primordial sound of the universe and symbolises the infinite Brahman or ultimate reality;

A - stands for Creation (Brahma)

U - stands for Preservation (Vishnu)

M - stands for Dissolution (Shiva)

Aum therefore represents both the manifest and unmanifest aspects of the universe, encompassing all potentialities and possibilities; it is everything that was, is or can yet be. So the name Aum Journals, is pointing beyond itself, acting as a constant reminder of our sacred ability to shape reality.

All of our journals are designed to last forever, to take advantage of the stored power old journals seem to take on. As Aum Journals age and become part of the journaling ritual, they gather more and more associative power, until eventually their presence alone helps trigger the meditative journaling mind state.

As journalers ourselves, we understand the importance a journal can take on and do not take our responsibility lightly. From design to delivery we strive to provide service to the very best of our ability; contact us anytime at,